Central Vacuum Systems

Did you hear the one about the couple that turned their residence in to a giant central vacuum system?  Well, strange as it may seem that is what happens in some respects when central vacuum systems are installed into homes.  A network of ducting is laid throughout the residence, leading back to a central base unit, making it possible to vacuum from anywhere within the home.

Central vacuum systems were in the past considered a luxury and, given this perception and the fact that they were expensive to install, they were not the first choice of most homebuilders.  However, in recent years, the price of central vacuum cleaners has become more competitive vis-à-vis other vacuums.  Added to this, in many homes a couple are both working long hours and therefore are willing to make the best use of technology around the home, in order to speed up domestic chores.  This allows them to make the best use of their leisure time.

Central Vacuum System - Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems

Below listed are the main reasons central vacuum reviews state that central vacuum systems have the edge over other vacuum cleaners:

•    It is recognized that air quality improves greatly in the home by cleaning with a central vacuum system.  This is because the vacuumed air is removed from the living area completely and can be even vented to the exterior of the home, having passed through the base unit.
•    Because a C.V.S. has such a strong motor in the base unit, its power of suction is much greater than that of a traditional vacuum cleaner.
•    Conversely, given that it has such a powerful motor, a central vac unit emits less noise in the living area than a normal vacuum cleaner.  This is because the base unit is located usually in a service area of the home, away form where family members are living and relaxing.
•    As mentioned earlier, a central vac system has been perceived to be an expensive cleaning system.  However, studies have shown that homeowners change a regular vacuum cleaner a lot more often than they realize, whereas, they do not change a central system.  Therefore, over an extended period, central vacuums systems become a value investment.  They also add to the value of a property if it is put on the market for sale.
•    Let us not forget the main reason people install central vacuum systems into their homes.  They are brilliant at cleaning and make a much easier job of vacuuming your home than any other system.  Insert the lightweight central vacuum hose into a vacuum outlet and vacuum – no effort, no strain and no worry.

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